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Non-Membership Fees

High quality treatment at affordable prices

Please find below a list of our treatment fees. Our fees reflect the quality of the materials we use, the time we spend planning as well as performing the various treatments and the experience/qualifications of our clinicians. Our clinicians will always discuss the benefits and risks of any treatment they provide, as well as the fees involved, so that you can make an informed decision on whether you wish to proceed with that treatment or not. As your treatment progresses, if anything changes in terms of the treatment required or the cost of treatment, we will keep you informed and updated.

We offer several methods of payment including Finance over 6 to 60 months. Please do not hesitate to ask one of our team members if you have any queries or require any further information.

Examination related fees

New patient/ Referral examination (including standard intra-oral X rays) - £70 £40 (until 31st January 2024)

Emergency appointment new patient - £50

Regular patient Examination - £40

Small X rays (each) - £12

OPG/Panoral Xray/Extraoral Xray - £65

CBCT 3D Xray - £125

CBCT Report from radiologist if required from - £100

Hygiene and Teeth Whitening Services

Scale and Polish per visit (up to 20 minutes) - £55

Extensive Scale and Polish per visit (not requiring local anaesthetic) - £90

Periodontal Gum treatment/Scale and polish requiring local anaesthetic per visit - £100

Home teeth whitening (includes 4 tubes of whitening gel) - £340 £299 (until 31st January 2024)

AirFlow Stain Removal with Dentist - £55

AirFlow Stain Removal with Hygienist/Dental Therapist - £35

Fillings and Endodontics

Silver (amalgam) filling - £100 - £170

Composite (tooth coloured) filling - £125 - £200

Cosmetic composite bonding (per tooth) - £200

Root Canal Consultation - £70

Root Canal Treatment Incisor with Vikesh Mody (Practice Limited to Endodontics) - £600

Root Canal Treatment Premolar with Vikesh Mody (Practice Limited to Endodontics) - £650

Root Canal Treatment Molar with Vikesh Mody (Practice Limited to Endodontics) - £700

Root Canal Treatment Incisor with General Dental Practitioner - £400

Root Canal Treatment Premolar with General Dental Practitioner - £450

Root Canal Treatment Molar with General Dental Practitioner - £500

Re-Root Canal Treatment from - £650

Core filling following root canal treatment - £165

Post and core from - £180

Apicectomy surgery - £650

Dental Implants

Implant consultation £100

Single tooth implant inclusive of crown from - £2950

Referral for CBCT scan - £119

Bone Augmentation from - £550

Sinus Augmentation - £900

Soft Tissue Augmentation from - £300

Orthodontic Appliances

Consultation inclusive of study models £100

Invisalign Express (inclusive of 1 set of removable ultra strength retainers at end of treatment) - £2,000

Invisalign Lite/GO (inclusive of 1 set of removable ultra strength retainers at end of treatment) - £3,100

Invisalign GO Plus (inclusive of 1 set of removable ultra strength retainers at end of treatment) - £3,600

Invisalign Full (inclusive of 1 set of removable ultra strength retainers at end of treatment) - £4,300

Upper and lower metal fixed (inclusive of 1 set of removable ultra strength retainers at end of treatment) - £2950

Upper ceramic and lower metal fixed - £3300 (inclusive of 1 set of removable ultra strength retainers at end of treatment)

Upper and lower ceramic - £3750 (inclusive of 1 set of removable ultra strength retainers at end of treatment)

Ultra strength removable retainer (1 year guarantee) - £115

Invisalign Vivera retainers per arch (set of 3) - £260

Bonded/Fixed retainer - from £160


Denture repairs/Addition of tooth to existing denture from - £90

Partial acrylic denture - £500 - £600

Full upper or lower from - £650

Full upper and lower dentures from - £1,300

Aesthetic denture from - £850

Cobalt Chrome denture from - £900

Lab-made Restorations

Ceramic/Zirconia crowns - £725

Aesthetic crown/veneer anterior tooth - £895

Ceramic Inlays/Onlays - £725

Gold crowns - £800

Silver coloured crowns/inlays/onlays - £600

Composite inlays/onlays - £575

Veneer (per tooth) from - £725

Bridges from £675 per unit

Appliances for sports/snoring/jaw joint problems/teeth grinding

Custom sports mouth guard (single colour) - £85

Anti-snoring device - £450

Splints for teeth grinding/clenching/jaw joint problems - £100-£575


Single tooth - from £115

Surgical/wisdom tooth - £220

Ages 0-5 - FREE examinations (emergency appointments and any treatment will incur a fee as below)

Emergency Out of hours Appointment from - £200
Children's prices

Ages 0-5 - FREE examinations (emergency appointments and any treatment will incur a fee as below)

Ages 6-17 - £20 per examination

Primary (milk) teeth fillings/extractions - £50 per tooth

Secondary (adult) teeth 30% off all regular priced dental treatment (excluding root canal treatments/orthodontics/cosmetic treatments/treatments involving dental laboratory fees)

All adults registered with one of our plans receive 10% off all treatments except Panoral Xrays and CBCT scans

Price list for Medical/Facial Aesthetic Treatments**


Deposit: £25 to be paid when booking treatment appointment (redeemable against subsequent treatment)

Anti-wrinkle Injections

For wrinkle reduction at forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet. Also includes gummy smile correction, bunny lines, jawline slimming/bruxism muscle tension, downturned mouth corners, Nefertiti neck lift, lip flip, smoker’s lines

Price for 50 units: £160

Price for 100 units: £230

Number of units required will be discussed at consultation

Price for hyperhidrosis (excess sweating- injections to be placed into armpits): £300

Dermal fillers

For lip enhancements, volume loss in cheeks, nasiolabial folds, marionette lines, smoker’s/perioral lines

Price for Juvederm Ultra (1ml): £220

Price for Juvederm Ultra Smile (0.55ml): £150

Price for Juvederm Vycross (1ml): £250


Skin booster: 2ml £225 / 4ml £425

Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel: from £50


Dermaroller per session £150 or 3 for £400

Medical Grade Skincare

ZO range of products: Bespoke plans made for each individual, therefore prices vary- see separate fee guide.

** Prices may vary depending on treatment and area

Failed appointments / cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment will be charged at £2 per minute of lost appointment time

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*** We offer evening and weekend appointments ***

Patient finance available

We offer a fantastic interest free payment option on our treatments. Please click here or ask a member of our team for more details.

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Our promise to you

Our team at RD dental will always endeavour to make your visits as comfortable as possible and we promise to treat every patient like family, providing high quality care. We will put your safety, trust and satisfaction at the forefront of all of our treatments.

What do our patients say?
  • “The most comprehensive examination and polish I have ever had."
    Mr. H - Leicester
  • "I felt so relaxed I fell asleep during my root canal treatment."
    Mrs. D - Leicestershire
  • "The best part of the treatment was that I did not feel the anaesthetic due to the numbing gel which was applied beforehand."
    Mr. J - Leicester
  • "I have never experienced service like it. Ritesh came in to see me on a Sunday as I lost the crown on my front tooth and then personally phoned me as a follow up. The team certainly deliver in their promise of treating patients as a member of their own family"
    Mrs. L - Leicester
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