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Regenerative Treatments in Aesthetics

I’ve never really liked the term ‘anti-ageing’...
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A bit about Me and My take on Anti-aging

With subtle 'tweakments' and a specific skin care regime, I feel we can all age gracefully and enhance our beauty and confidence.
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Prevention of tooth decay

Tooth decay is now the number one reason for child hospital admissions in England.
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National Smile Month

We are currently busy promoting National Smile Month which runs until 15th June.
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New Year's Resolutions

That time of year has arrived upon us again where the majority of people I speak to around Leicestershire have made some form of New Year’s resolution to try to better themselves in some way. Most commonly these New Year’s resolutions centre on an improvement in lifestyle and/or appearance, whether in be by eating and drinking more healthily, exercising more, cutting out smoking or reducing alcohol intake.
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What can YOU do to relieve problems with your jaw joints or pain in the muscles around your face?

Nine of of ten patients with disorders of their jaw joints or associated muscles will get better with some self-care, exercises and sometimes a bite guard. What you do at home is very important in helping to resolve any problems you may be experiencing.
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Are you considering travelling abroad for your dental treatment?

Having seen some impressive adverts on a recent trip to Croatia I can understand why many people travel abroad for their dental treatment. However, having treated many patients who have had cosmetic dental treatment or dental implants abroad, many factors should be considered before rushing into booking your flight!
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What should you do if you have suffered an injury to your teeth?

Teeth can be chipped, loosened or knocked out completely as a result of a fall, playing sport or a blow to the face.
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Why do I need root canal treatment? Can’t I just take antibiotics?

The common causes of tooth damage such as decay, cracks or injury can lead to ingress of bacteria into your tooth.
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Do you worry about dental care?

Most people don’t enjoy a visit to the dentist for many reasons.
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Welcome to RD Dental’s Blog. This is where we will be keeping you up to date with news in the practice and in the world of dentistry.
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Clean Teeth Leicester RD Dental
We can clean your teeth and gums as well as treating gum disease where necessary, which will help to remove stains, cure bad breath and prevent tooth loss.
Whiten Teeth Leicester RD Dental
Our simple and effective home whitening procedures put you in control and can give you brighter, whiter teeth in just 2 weeks!
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Choose from a range of cosmetic orthodontic systems that can straighten your teeth in as little as 8 weeks giving you more even looking teeth.
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Whether it is dentures you are looking for or a fixed replacement such as a bridge or dental implants to replace your missing teeth, our dentists will find a solution for you so that you can smile and chew with confidence.
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Repair cracked, worn, broken or decayed teeth with fillings, inlays, onlays, veneers or crowns all customised to suit your mouth. Furthermore, allow us to save infected teeth via root canal procedures meaning you get to keep your own teeth.
Restore Teeth Leicester RD Dental
Turn heads and boost your confidence with our full smile makeovers – precisely planned and tailored to suit your face.
Relieft and Rescue Leicester RD Dental
Whether you are a registered patient or not, you can contact us out of normal opening hours for any dental emergencies and one of our dentists will endeavor to see you on the same day.
Help I'm nervous Leicester RD Dental
Our modern approach to oral health care and the use of the latest technology and techniques will help to put you at ease and turn past negative experiences into positive ones.
Jaw Pain Leicester RD Dental
There are a variety of conditions which affect the jaw joints and muscles, the majority of which can be effectively treated without any surgery.
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What do our patients say?
  • “The most comprehensive examination and polish I have ever had."
    Mr. H - Leicester
  • "I felt so relaxed I fell asleep during my root canal treatment."
    Mrs. D - Leicestershire
  • "The best part of the treatment was that I did not feel the anaesthetic due to the numbing gel which was applied beforehand."
    Mr. J - Leicester
  • "I have never experienced service like it. Ritesh came in to see me on a Sunday as I lost the crown on my front tooth and then personally phoned me as a follow up. The team certainly deliver in their promise of treating patients as a member of their own family"
    Mrs. L - Leicester
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